Asian Dim Sum Recipes

 crispy wonton, jiaozi dumplings, spring rolls, noodles, wraps....

Potsticker Dumplings with peanuts, tofu and vegetables Black and White Sesame Wonton Crisp
Crispy Vegetables with Roasted salt and Pepper Dip Egg Rolls with Chili Tofu
Wilted Bean Sprout and Peanut Salad Sweet and Sour Pickled Vegetables
Salmon and Asian Pesto Parcels Jicama and Lime Salad
Spicy Crumbed Squid Strips Shrimp and Spring Onion Fritters
Fish Ball with Shredded Wonton Coating Pea Shoot and Prawn Dumplings
Mussels with Egg noodles and Black Bean Sauce Little Szechuan Chicken Steamed Buns
Sticky Rice in Banana Leaves with Chicken Skewers Three Herb and Chicken Ricepaper Rolls
Steamed Dumplings with Kaffir Lime and Lemongrass Bok Choy Rolls with Spicy Chicken
Two Rice Pearl Balls Peking Style Duck Pancake Wraps
Pork and Prawn Wonton Soup with Wilted Lettuce Crispy Chili Beef Wonton
Barbequed Pork and Rice in Lotus Leaves Mini Hoisin Spareribs
Pork, Tofu and Broccoli Spring Rolls Orange and Almond Fortune Cookies
Five Spice Custard Tarts Steamed Pear and Ginger Pudding
Mango Wonton with Lime Sauce Sweet Chili Sauce
Soy and Ginger Sauce Plum Sauce
Sweet and Sour Sesame Sauce

Dim Sum means “hearts delight” and the heart of these dishes are small portions, which form a large yum cha lunch is served in Chinese restaurants around the world. "Yam Cha" means "tea", but there is much more than tea. Dinners are offered their choice of food carts filled with bamboo steam baskets, plates and bowls, each holding a number of delicious bite-sized dim sum.

Yam Cha began just over a hundred years ago the Chinese province of Canton, gradually spread to Hong Kong and then the rest of the world. Today, Chinatown is almost no missing a huge, bustling yum cha palaces. Dim sum include exciting offers like crispy wonton, jiaozi dumplings, spring rolls, noodles, wraps, marinated vegetables, steamed buns and cream cakes Chinese incomparable.

Dim sum, allow reception wonderful food, ideal for use in the celebration as snacks or drinks before dinner, or even as holders for a dinner. Do dim sum may seem intimidating because of their extreme diversity, but are actually simple to make. You can prepare most of the ingredients in advance, then assemble at the last minute. Many recipes can be frozen, so it's a good idea to keep a bit 'in the freezer. Others, such as steamed dumplings, can be prepared in bulk, then cooked and served in the same steamer.

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