Indian Food

Biryani, Curry, Chutney, Appams...........



South Indian food is light and of low calorie. The cuisine is famous for its wonderful mixing of rice and lentils, which are used to make dosas, vadas, idlis and uttapams. The best part of South Indian food is , it is delicious , easy to digest and use very little oil in its cooking.

A lot of people like chutney. It is made from coconut , peanuts , dal , tamarind, fenugreek seeds and cliantro.

South Indian food is hotter than the North Indian food. It is a perfect blend of flavour, colour , taste and nutritional balance.

Thick and tasty gravies are the characteristic of North Indian cuisine. North Indian food comprises of chilies , saffron ,. milk, yoghurt, cottage cheese, ghee and nuts.

Tandoori Chicken is probably among India's most famous foods. From breads to Kababs and curries, there's a lot you can cook Tandoori style.

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