Fish Sauce and Ulam Leaves Dip Pahang Style (Budu Pahang)


60 ml Cooking oil
250 ml Kelantanese fish sauce (budu)
600 ml Coconut milk, extracted from 1 grated coconut and 600 ml water
Thinly Sliced
15 Bird's eye chilies (cili padi)
5 Red chilies
10 Bilimbi fruits (belimbing buluh)
10 Shallots, peeled
5 cloves Garlic, peeled
5 cm knob Ginger, peeled
4 stalks Lemon grass
Ulam Leaves (finely sliced)
2 Turmeric leaves
2 Pointed pepper leaves (daun kaduk)
4 sprigs Polygonum leaves (daun kesum)




Heat cooking oil in a pan over medium heat and fry sliced ingredients until soft. Add the Kelantanese fish sauce and coconut milk. Stir until well-combined and bring to the boil. Add ulam leaves and continue to stir until dry. Serve with grilled fish.

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