Thai Style Salad (Salad Siam)


400 g Beef sirloin
Cooking oil for deep¬ frying
1 Aubergine (eggplant/brinjal), long variety
2 stalks Lemon grass
5 Red chilies
5 Green chilies
6 Shallots, peeled
3 sprigs Coriander leaves (cilantro)
3 sprigs Sweet basil leaves (daun selasih)
Sauce (mixed)
3 tbsp Fish sauce (nampla)
5 tbsp Lime juice
2 tbsp Brown sugar
6 tbsp Coconut cream, extracted from ˝ grated coconut
Salt to taste




Slice beef thinly and deep-fry in hot cooking oil for 2 minutes and drain on absorbent paper. Slice aubergine thinly and dry-fry in a hot frying pan until burn marks appear. Combine sliced ingredients with aubergine and beef in a bowl and mix well. Pour in sauce and mix until well combined.

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