Sizzling Wok Food Recipes

stir, fried, chicken, fish, vegetables, pork, mushroom.....


Asian peppered beef Singapore noodles
Chili beef with cashews Tempura
Pad Thai noodles Pumpkin and coconut curry
San choy bau Mee Grob
Many mushroom noodles Braised bok choy
Whole steamed fish Stir-fried chicken and lemon grass
Honey sesame prawns Mie Goreng
Butter chicken Sichuan prawn stir-fry
Fried rice Beef with black bean sauce
Spiced cauliflower and peas Warm curried chicken salad
Ma Por tofu Sesame pork
Chili crab Green fish curry
Chicken and eggplant red curry Stir-fried tofu and bok choy
Satay lamb Laksa lemak
Barbecue pork with Asian greens Caramel coriander chicken
Vietnamese chicken salad Thai beef salad
Duck and pineapple curry Scallops with black bean sauce
Tom Yum Goong Chinese omelets
Lemon chicken Lemon grass prawns
Thai Musaman beef curry Sweet chili squid
Sichuan pork with capsicum Prawn salad with kaffir lime
Nyonya lime chicken Pork, pumpkin and cashew stir-fry
Eggplant with hot bean sauce Salt and pepper squid
Chicken chow mein with crispy noodles Stir-fried fresh rice noodles with beef
Cucumber and white fish stir-fry Thai fish cakes with cucumber salad
Stir-fried fish with ginger Warm lamb salad




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