Tropical Food Recipes

smoothies, congee, dosai, chutney, lemongrass.....


Sautéed mushrooms with dried chilies and cashew nuts Maldivian vegetable curry
Peanut-crusted shrimps on green mango salad Scallop and squid salad
Grilled tiger prawns with vindaloo dip and morukku Shrimp biryani
Kuzukiri noodles with piquant sauce and seafood Miso and vegetable capellini
Mushroom and chicken noodle soup with crisp-fried dumplings Singapore laksa with seafood and quail eggs
Assorted satay with peanut sauce and pineapple sambal Grilled lemongrass-marinated lamb chops
Bali-style red rice and tempe sushi Bali-style sushi: spicy chicken and mango sushi
Pita bread pockets Grilled garlic and coriander chicken breast
Naan basket with mango and banana chutneys and raita Tropical salad with spicy palm sugar sauce
Fragrant crab cakes with sweet chili mayonnaise Banana, chocolate and mint samosa
Spicy grilled snapper fillets with shallot and lemongrass sambal Fresh coconut chutney for masala dosai
Pizza topped with stir-fried lamb, arugula and mozzarella Shrimp and sambal sushi
Vietnamese stir-fried beef tenderloin Balinese vegetable nori roll
Grilled beef with rendang marinade Balinese-style mixed vegetables
Coriander-marinated beef sirloin with fragrant sauce Crispy tempe
Upside-down fruit cakes Sweet sambal
Crispy stuffed tofu with chili and shallot dressing Pickled cucumber
Eggplant pot-stickers with a sesame dip Tempura oysters with chili sauce
Grilled tiger prawns with pickled nutmeg mayonnaise Chili shrimp cakes with Thai sweet chili sauce
Sesame-crusted tuna chunks with a wasabi mayonnaise dip Grilled fish tikka in pandan leaf
Banana bud salad with shrimps and spicy coconut milk sauce Ketchumbar salad
Vietnamese rice-paper rolls with tuna and fresh herbs Baked coconut cream custard
Vegetable and tofu brochettes with cinnamon-soy sauce Pineapple crumble
Chapati vegetable wrap with pineapple and cucumber raita Honey yogurt ice cream
Barbecued curd cheese and vegetable stacks Vietnamese summer rolls
Potato samosa with tamarind sauce Nasi campur
Pan-fried fish fillet with mango, noodle salad and spicy dressing Papaya, clove and lemongrass jam
Seafood and spinach soup with glutinous cheese dumplings Shrimp and calamari in a turmeric coconut sauce
Passionfruit cheese cake Tomato and lentil soup
Soy milk pannacotta with tropical fruit and pandan sauce Spinach kofta with eggplant purée
Spicy beef broth with bean sprouts, radish, and crispy shallots Deep-fried tofu with vegetables and peanut sauce
Steamed fish in lemongrass and cilantro broth Vegetables in spicy coconut broth
Ginger-poached chicken breast on mushroom medley Maldivian fish and pineapple curry
Wok-fried clams with chili, Chinese sausage, and daikon sprouts Hainanese chicken rice with pandan rice balls
Coconut, palm honey/ and pandan ice cream Tropical smoothies
Chicken congee with Taiwan-style accompaniments Rhubarb and nutmeg jam
Grilled pork back ribs with pumpkin and fennel slaw Pineapple, vanilla, and star anise jam
Mango, fig and date breakfast bar Tomato chutney
Poached eggs on ham and vegetable medley with spicy hollandaise sauce Balinese tropical muesli
Deep-fried bananas with hazelnut filling Black rice pudding
Chinese-style crab and asparagus omelet with vegetable pickle Masala dosai
Sweet, Salted, Spicy, Masala, Papaya, Rose-flavored lassi with pistachios Dhal
Sweet corn and leek soup with crab and coriander dumplings Sumatran chicken laksa
Carrot and kaffir lime leaf broth with shrimps and asparagus Vegetarian fried rice-flour noodles
Tuna cakes with banana chutney and green curry dip Shredded spiced chicken salad
Tempura tofu with sweet and sour sesame garlic sauce Hokkien noodles
Raw fish salad with soy, lime, and sesame dressing Mi Goreng
Spiced tuna steaks with citrus salsa Grilled whole snapper Tabanan-style
Baby snapper fillets with ginger, chili and tomato relish Singapore chili crab
Tandoori lamb, chicken or tiger prawns  




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